Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ad hoc Sabah Trip Day 3


Itinerary of today:
Breakfast @FongIp Cafe (馮業)
Jesselton Point
Sapi Island
Mamutik Island
Tea @Fook Yuen Cafe (富源)
Dinner @ Yu Kee (佑記)
Taste Better @Wisma Merdeka
Central Market
Supper @5 star Hainanese Chicken Rice and BBQ

Another day of breakfast in FongIp Cafe. This morning we tried English breakfast and noodles. Again, not bad but not surprising at all. Anyway, both of us were full with the free breakfast offered.

Got dressed and brought along our swimming gears to the Jesselton Point. The speedboat we took departed on time and arrived Sapi in quite a short time. The driver reminded us to be at the pier on time getting us to another island, then we were free doing scuba diving on our own.

The weather was brilliant and we were expecting clear water with lots of fish. Somehow, we didn't find it exciting as everything was not as we expected. The corals were dead. There was a small variety of fish only. Even I swam quite far away from the shore, only a few big fish were found.

The most flabbergasting thing that we found was a very big blue tongue lizard near our base where we put all our stuff there. It was quite interesting though coz it was tamer than  we thought. 

We didn't join the buffet lunch there since we didn't want to be too full scuba diving. Instead, we had our lunch at a cafe near the entrance, where it was the only one on the island. It was way cheaper than having a buffet. Noodles and rice with 2 drinks only cost us RM32

Packed all our belongings and waited at the pier. There was a mini shop selling souvenirs with not much to see. Didn't find it attractive at all but could definitely kill time while waiting for the speedboat.

Hopped on the speedboat again and headed to an other Island, Mamutik. 
Fewer people were found on this island, yet we still found it disappointing seeing not much fish along the area. 

To be frank, this island hopping tour was quite unsatisfying. For a short stay, this maybe a good way to experience. But if you have more time, probably going to another side of Malaysia like Sipadan and Borneo is a better choice and I am sure you will find it more satisfying.

Bought a banana juice (RM8) after getting back to the pier. It tasted surprisingly fresh and sweet. Love it!

Passed by Fook Yuen Cafe and tried the famous Kaya toast with lime juice (RM6.5). Not a must try one as I thought. Seeing many people eating dim sum there, I guess there is a reason for that. I am sure it would be more worthy to try dim sum next time.

Stopped by our hotel and did some wash up before going for dinner. Decided to go to Yu Kee for Bak Kut Teh. We ordered meat balls, liver, stomach, yuen cha kueh, tau fu, veggies and rice. They went along with bowls of soup. The taste was strong but I did like it! (RM32)

Took a walk to Wisma Merdeka and bought durian puffs as dessert. (RM8/ 6 pieces)

Visited Central Market then. It was actually a local wet market selling ordinary food. Quite interesting seeing how locals' life was though.

After more than an hour of walk, our stomach complained again. Tried 5 star Hainanese Chicken Rice and BBQ for the famous chicken rice. Didn't find it special as chicken rice seems could be found everywhere with more or less the same taste. (RM22)

Total expenses for 2 =RM76.5
Breakfast @FongIp Cafe (馮業)                            /
Jesselton Point                                                 /
Sapi Island                                                       /
Mamutik Island                                                 /
Banana juice                                                    RM8
Tea @Fook Yuen Cafe (富源)                               RM6.5
Dinner @ Yu Kee (佑記)                                      RM32
Durian puffs @Better Taste                                RM8
Central Market                                                  /
Supper @5 star Hainanese Chicken Rice and BBQ  RM22

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