Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ad hoc Sabah Trip Day 2


Itinerary of today:
Breakfast @FongIp Cafe (馮業)
Gaya Street
Breakfast @Wiya Restaurant (味雅雞飯茶餐室)
Sabah Tourism Board
Jesselton Point
Lunch @A Lam Penang Mee restaurant (阿林檳城蝦麵)
Suria Sabah
Graffiti Pillars
Tea @Old Town White Coffee
Signal Hill
Dinner @Welcome Seafood Restaurant (大茄來海鮮餐廳)

Slept straight away the night before and didn't see much of the hotel. The entrance was actually very simply and a bit worn out like tenement building, but the location could say to be one of the best hotels in town.

As I mentioned before, breakfast was an unexpected bonus for our stay as it wasn't shown on agoda. There were four options to choose from and we were gonna try them all during our stay. The first two were pork noodles and kaya toast and they both tasted good.

Kota Kinabalu is such a small place and we barely need any transport to catch a glimpse of the town. We planned to rent a car on the second last day only doing some sight seeing around the Mount Kinabalu area. 

So first of all, we walked around Gaya Street and looked for Wiya Restaurant for another breakfast as Lawrence said it tasted good during his last visit. I wasn't very hungry and one chicken rice to share with lime juice and barley water was already quite a lot for us (RM17). Actually it was kinda ordinary and I couldn't tell much difference between other chicken rice and the one here. Anyway, it sounds like chicken rice is a must eat item in Malaysia.

Headed to Jesselton Point to book boat transfers for snorkeling and passed by Sabah Tourism Board. Thought that probably we could get some useful information there but seemed not. Got a calendar with a close up of a cute orangutan as souvenir.

Went on with our main purpose booking boat transfers at Jesselton Point. Did some researches online and some bloggers suggested going on our own instead, which was way cheaper than joining a tour. Counter 6 seemed to have a good reputation. We picked Sapi and Mamutik, departing at 9am at the pier and hopping on the boat again at 12:15pm, leaving the last island at 3:40pm. That was the best time proposed by the staff. And of course we underwent a bit of negotiation on the price (RM80 for 2)

Lawrence bough a pair of flipflops and said flipflops from this brand were quite nice.

And that was Jesselton Point with lots of constructions going on.

Ate again at A Lam Penang Mee restaurant in Gaya Centre. Again, it was recommended by Lawrence. Once more, good price for the noodles and lime juice! (RM24) How come food in Sabah was that cheap?

Wandered around Gaya Centre then Suria Sabah. We both got something by then. Postcards are must for me everytime I travel (RM34). And Lawrence got a pair of shorts and a tee with massive sale (RM55).  

Graffiti Pillars was just next to Suria Sabah, so we went to have a taste of this little street art.

Time for afternoon tea by then. It was our third time to Malaysia and Old Town White Coffee was still our favourite place where we could get cheap food and free wifi (RM18)

That's the landmark dolphin statue just next to the night market. 

Asked some local people the way to get to Signal Hill and we decided to talk a walk from the Atkinson Clock Tower, then all the way down to exit at the back of the Tourism Board. It seemed to be way too much exercise for me and I felt really really exhausted. Nice view and sunset from there though.

Bought some snacks and water in Milimiwa supermarket and got back to our hotel to get a shower and rested a bit before dinner.

Passed by another night market on the way to Welcome Seafood Restaurant for dinner. Bought a comb and a coins bag there (RM10)

Finally arrived at the seafood paradise. Gotta order seafood outside, told the staff the way to get the seafood done and waited for a while since this restaurant was so popular and crowded with people all the time. Finally, our big feast was ready! Crab, scallops, prawns and veggies all tasted beautiful! The creamy sauce from the prawn definitely increase my appetite and I had a big bowl of rice mixing the sauce which went straight to my tummy in a few minutes. Of course we didn't miss the famous coconut pudding to end our lovely dinner (RM125.8)

Just felt so satisfied lazing around and ended our day with great food.

Total expenses for 2 =RM363.8
Breakfast @FongIp Cafe                                             /
Gaya Street                                                              /
Lunch @Wiya Restaurant (味雅雞飯茶餐室)                     RM17
Sabah Tourism Board                                                 /
Jesselton Point                                                         RM40 X2 =RM80
Tea @A Lam Penang Mee restaurant (阿林檳城蝦麵)         RM24
Postcards and stamps                                                RM34
Suria Sabah                                                              /
Clothes @Padini Concept Store                                    RM55
Graffiti Pillars                                                           /
Tea @Old Town White Coffee                                     RM18
Signal Hill                                                                /
Dinner @Welcome Seafood Restaurant (大茄來海鮮餐廳)  RM125.8
Souvenir                                                                  RM10