Saturday, April 18, 2015

Phuket Retreat Day 2


Itinerary of today:
Day tour @Ratcha Island
Dinner @Natural Restaurant

Here came the second day of our trip. A snorkeling day trip was booked yesterday. (1700 bahts/ person) We had a light breakfast prepared by ourselves early in the morning as breakfast was not included in this budget hotel. Cup noodles, biscuits and tea were already enough as we were gonna take a speed boat to the outer island. We didn't want to get sea sick feeling too full. 

With a door to door shuttle service, we were driven to a place where lots of tourists gathered to get the snorkeling gears. After listening to the instructions by the guides, coffee and tea were served.

People were divided into groups and headed to the pier for different speed boats.

The sea was extremely rough on that day. We were sitting at the front tip of the boat and were splashed by heaps of big wave! I was scared to death! The most frightening thing was that the big waves looked like they were gonna swallow the boat up! The children on the boat kept screaming and crying and the parents were busying comforting them. Luckily, we were able to reach the Island safely. 

It was a beautiful island with stunning view. We rented 2 chairs (200 bahts) and an umbrella to drop all our stuff. Rest a bit after the tough boat trip before we headed to snorkel. Didn't bring the water- proof camera and was not able to capture the beauty of the sea animals underneath. Maybe the water was not calm enough, there were not much fish as expected. But still the water was clear and it was a good experience swimming under the sea.

After snorkeling came the lunch. We were taken to a restaurant with basic food, fruit and drinks. It was alright since we didn't have much expectation on the meal included in the package. 

Then, we headed back to the main island. The sky was blue and clear and we took some nice pictures there.

The trip ended quickly and we were transferred back to our hotel with there lorry-like transports.

After the wash up, we drove all the way to Natural Restaurant for dinner. It was featured on tripadvisor with heaps of positive comments and the food there didn't disappoint us at all! The environment was special and the food was delicious but not expensive. (around 900 bahts only for all)

It was still early and after we got back to the hotel, we went out again to take a glance at the night life of Phuket. And of course, it was as exciting as we imagine with lots of dancers and ladyboys.

Total expenses for 2 =4580 bahts
Day tour @Ratcha Island      1700 bahts X2 =3400 bahts
Beach chairs rental              100 bahts X2 =200 bahts
Ice cream                           40 bahts X2 =80 bahts
Dinner @Natural Restaurant  900 bahts for 2