Saturday, April 11, 2015

Phuket Retreat Day 1


Had been longing for this annual summer trip for ages after tough working months. The countdown was over and it was going to happen! Gonna spend a relaxing week in Phuket, an exhilarating city charging up myself.

Flight schedule: (Hong Kong Express: HKD672/ person)
0450- 0720 UO765 (Hong Kong to Phuket)
0855- 1330 UO765 (Phuket to Hong Kong)

Itinerary of today:
Take free sim card@ airport
Car rental @Avis
Check in @Acca Patong
Lunch @Street food
Look for local tour @Patong Beach
Big C
Dinner @Banzzan Fresh Market

Getting cheap flight tickets usually has a price to pay. The flight schedule was a disaster! Taking off at midnight meant that we gotta arrive at the airport and check- in at night. We decided to arrive at the airport earlier, getting the complimentary copy of magazines/ newspaper from Page One for free using the DBS credit card, then spent our night at the waiting area sleeping and reading the magazines.

Finally it was time to board. (Hurray! It was hella tiring waiting at the airport at midnight!) Fell at sleep immediately with poor quality on the plane. 

I was really shocked with the huge amount of tourists lining up in the immigration stationa upon arriving at the airport. It took us more than 2 hours to go through everything. Some of the staff required certain tourists to pay a small amount of 'fee' to skip the long queue but of course we didn't encourage them to do this illegal thing.
The first thing for us to do after getting through the queue was getting a free sim card while waiting for our baggage. 

Withdrew some Thai bahts from ATM (the rate is better than exchanging them in HK), topped up the sim card at a convenient store for GPS and approached Avis counter for car rental. We booked the cheapest one online at Avis for the whole trip and it was only 4800 bahts + 20000 bahts deposit. It was in a great price for us instead of taking tuk- tuk around the city.Got the city map, checked the condition of the car and off we went to our hotel.

Not having a good weather though with strong wind and a little bit of rain.

Finally arrived at Acca Patong Hotel. The parking lot was right opposite the hotel. It costed 60 bahts for the whole day, which could be claimed from the hotel reception.

Acca Patong Hotel (HKD840/ 4 nights) is a budget one with fantastic price and good location. It was kinda special with colourful decorations, which gave us a strong holiday mood already once we arrived there.

Our room was really clean and stylish. A nice but cheap stay during our holiday.

We were both starving and didn't have good mood to go and look for decent food. Just went downstairs and ordered some dishes in a local restaurant next to our hotel. We didn't want the plastic bags for take away food, so we just told the owner to let us take the plates up to our hotel and returned them back afterwards. It was quite interesting walking up with hands of dishes. Just 300 bahts for all these yummy dishes. 

After our meal, we didn't feel like we had to take a nap. So we just wandered around at the Patong Street to look for local tour in the coming days. 

Booked local tour to Racha Island. Original price was 2400 bahts per person. Of course after a few bargains it was much cheaper with 1700 bahts per person only.

Banana pancake is a must- eat food item in Phuket! (60 bahts) Tried one almost every day! 

Nice but cheap drinks! 59 bahts only! Like the lime taste.

We visited Jungceylon in the evening. Maybe it was too hot, the shopping mall was bustling with tourists. 
P.S. With the boarding pass, tourist would be able to get a free bag from the tourist centre. We used them to pack our clothes for the Island hopping trip.

Shopped for breakfast, snacks and drinks at Big C. (350 bahts)

Went back to the hotel to drop the stuff first, then walked to the Banzzan Fresh Market for dinner. Bangla Boxing Stadium was next to it. Good place for Thai boxing lovers.

The night market there was awesome with great food! A variety of local food, drinks and seafood could be found there in reasonable price. Spent 470 bahts for all the food for the whole night and got back to rest with 2 big tummies. What a wonderful night market to end the first day in Phuket!

Total expenses for 2 =HKD2184 + 6418 bahts
Flight                                     HKD672 X2 =HKD1344
Take free sim card@ airport       /
Top up sim card                       320 bahts
Car rental @Avis                      4800 bahts for 7 days
Check in @Acca Patong             HKD840 for 4 nights
Lunch @Street food                  300 bahts for 2
Banana pancakes                     60 bahts
Drinks                                    59 bahts X2 =118 bahts
Big C                                     350 bahts
Dinner @Banzzan Fresh Market  470 bahts for 2

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