Friday, July 25, 2014

Wander around in Huizhou Day 2


Woke up late and just got 30 more minutes for breakfast. The breakfast was way better than what we expected. I especially like the pancake and those pastries.

Swam for a little more and did our wash up before we packed our things for sightseeing. Took the free shuttle arranged by the hotel back to the city centre again. By then we hopped on a taxi and got all the way to WestLake. (RMB15)

It was a really really hot day and we couldn't bear the heat and just took a quick look at the park and museum even I love taking a walk in parks. Almost went dehydrated.

Crazily expensive boat ride, but the quality of the boats was just a nightmare.

Shopping Precinct was just the way opposite WestLake. There were quite a lot of shops and we found one selling things we were interested in. (Actually it was kind of like 12 dollars shop in HK, but it sells socks, boxers, earphones, sunglasses...) 

The most important thing that I got here was to buy some preserved vegetables for my sister.  Went through the stinky market and finally saw this tidy shop. Bought a big bag from there. 

And it was time for lunch. Restaurants there were awful and we didn't have much appetite for those food. Luckily, we saw a better one which was run by a small hotel. Order two dishes (RMB$75) and gotta rushed back to our hotel to catch the coach.

That was the place we got our transit. Some people couldn't get a sit on the coach (maybe it was over booked) and it took almost 15 minutes for the staff to fix the problem. Another 3 hours back to HK and ended my short break during my busy working period.

Total expenses for 2 =RMB210
Taxi to Westlake  RMB15
Shopping             RMB120
Lunch                  RMB75 for 2

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