Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wander around in Huizhou Day 1


Too much workload for me in busy June and really needed a break. Bought a voucher from Travelzoo for Crowne Plaza package with breakfast and buffet dinner included for 2 (HK$999 only), and most importantly, we were upgraded to Superior Suite, which cost around HK$1,300. Had a feeling that got more then we paid already!

Since transport was not included, we had to buy return coach tickets from E&E Bus to Huizhou in advance. (HK$140/ person) The way to Crowne Plaza Hotel was quite complicated. We needed to take the coach in Kowloon Tong (9:20am), then dropped off in Sha Tau Kok going through the custom (10:30am), being picked up then driven straight ahead to an unknown hotel (1:10pm!!! We were all starving!!!). By then we got 20 mins to go until we caught another coach to Crowne Plaza Hotel. Luckily, the staff on board would remind us on what to do and where to go. As we were way too hungry, (we were fed up with McDonald's for breakfast already!) we immediately searched for convenient stores and restaurants (just opposite the unknown hotel) and bought some drinks, snacks and takeaway.

Finally we arrived at the hotel at 2:00pm. Many people checking in at that moment. Got our key card and couldn't wait to go up and see our lovely suite! P.S. coach available back to city centre with highlighted time slots. Glad that we bought our lunch already, or else needa take taxi out...



Exceptionally big living room

Guests toilet

Comfy bed


Bathing area

Last but not least, exotic view from our suite

And here finally comes our lunch!!! (around RMB60 only!)

Rest a bit and went swimming. The best thing was that I could borrow a float board for free there and I swam for a long time even I don't know how to swim! Enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and mighty sun for the whole afternoon.

Did some wash up and it was already time for buffet dinner. Actually it could say to be good provided that we got the whole package in a good price, but just nothing surprising. The most horrifying thing was the manner of some people from Mainland China, which gotta be improved. Can you imagine a stranger putting his hands AROUND you just because he would like to get the seafood? (without queuing up!) How inconsiderate the people were! But all in all, we both had a great night with 2 big bellies taking a walk for better digestion.



Crowne Plaza hotel at night

Total expenses for 2 =HKD1270 + RMB60
Crowne Plaza Package  HKD999
Return coach tickets     HKD140 X2 =HKD280
Lunch + snacks            RMB60 for 2

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