Saturday, April 30, 2011

Singapore with my colleagues day 2


Itinerary of today:
Landmark Village Hotel
Sultan Mosque
Malay Heritage Centre
Bugis Market
China Town
Maxwell food centre
Lau Pa Sat

Landmark Village Hotel was very convenient. Sultan Mosque, Malay Heritage Centre and Bugis Market were just in walking distance. It took about 10 minutes to Bugis MRT Station as well.
Sultan Mosque

Bugis Street

many cheap stuff to buy in this local market

MRT in Singapore

on the MRT

Headed to China Town.

阿坤 Kaya toast (SGD18 in total)

bought some kaya home

Far East Square

many nice restaurants there

Special Indian  Temple

amazing art craft

China Town


famous ice cream with biscuits but sold out already...

Maxwell food centre, just opposite 佛牙寺

can choose any food from the food stalls

famous Hainan chicken rice

refreshing drinks

Took a taxi back to the hotel coz it was too hot and Peggy gotta change another pair of shoes as the existing one hurt her legs. Then had dinner at Lau Pa Sat.
day view from our hotel

satay and seafood for dinner

Here comes the highlight of our trip - Night Safari (SGD22)! Took the train to Kranji Station then taxi to there (SGD10). Saw many animals there. The best way to travel around the park was taking the coach.

An interactive animals show

Too late at night and took a taxi back to the hotel directly.

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