Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Singapore with my colleagues day 1


This time we bought flight tickets from Tiger Airways official website. Only needed less than HKD900/ person with taxes included.

Flight schedule: 1125- 1510 TR2963 (Hong Kong to Singapore)
                       1845- 2225 TR2967 (Singapore to Hong Kong)

Planned to get the 11am flight. All of us didn't realise that we gotta check-in 45 minutes in advance. Ended up missed the flight... Gotta pay HKD200 more for another flight at 7pm... OK~ Then that was still in our budget even we paid more. Needa get something else to do while waiting. Visited Aviation Discovery Centre coz we gotta wait for 7 hours.

After lunch, tea time and shopped around the airport, finally we could took off.

It was already very late at night when we arrived there. Bought some noodles for dinner at the airport and took a taxi to the hotel. We booked Landmark Village Hotel for 3 nights via Agoda. It costed HKD950/ night. It is a really good website coz sometimes you can get up to 50% off discount.

Hotels in Singapore are quite expensive. Luckily, we got 3 people to share. The room was quite big and comfortable.

still going out at 2am



night view from our hotel

Slept at 4am after wash up and unpacking the baggage. Very tired...

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