Thursday, February 11, 2016

Precious Busan family trip- preparation

It has been a long time not travelling with my family with last year visiting relatives during CNY after wedding and the year before my elder sister giving birth to her first baby. It will be such a precious experience spending the holiday overseas with my big group of family. Together with my elder sister's mother in law this time, I am sure we all are gonna have a great time in Busan. We bought the flight tickets from Hong Kong Express with HKD2516 each, sounds quite reasonable during the peak season. Bought another one later on for auntie in HKD2995 as she was able to request for an annual leave travelling with us.

Found it hard on planning the itinerary with Korean. Google map seems not being really helpful. Most bloggers a website called 韓巢 to find the accurate location of the places especially for the restaurants but it is written in Chinese. Anyway, the maps and discount coupons are really useful.

Day 1
Hong Kong>> Busan Gimhae International Airport>> Hotel Yaja Nampo Lotte>> Lunch @南浦蔘雞湯(남포삼계탕)>> Changseon-dong Meokja Golmok 阿里郎街>> Gukje Market 國際市場>> Ggangtong Market 富平市場>> Tea @市場巨人炸雞(거인통닭)>> BIFF Square BIFF 廣場>> Dinner @元祖漢陽豬腳(한양족발)>> 農協超市 

Day 2
Breakfast @Tom N Toms Coffee(탐앤탐스커피)>> 伏兵山壁畫村(동광동인쇄골목)>> 40 Steps Cultural Tour Street 40階梯文化觀光主題街 (40계단)>> Lunch @青廊台人參豬肉湯飯>> Gamcheon Culture Village 甘川洞文化村(버스정류장)>> Lotte Department Store Gwangbok Branch 樂天百貨>> Dinner @>> Busan Tower 釜山塔>> Yongdusan Park 龍頭山公園  

Day 3
Breakfast @Isaac Toast(이삭토스트 부산중앙점)>> APEC House APEC世峰樓>> Dongbaekseom Tower 冬柏燈塔>> Mermaid Statue 人魚像>> Tea @The Bay 101 Fingers and Chat>> Haeundae Beach 海雲台海水浴場>> Lunch @海雲台鱈魚湯>> Sea Life Busan Aquarium 釜山水族館>> Haeundae Market 海雲台市場>> Dinner @1970伍班長烤肉(오반장) 

Day 4
Breakfast @Paris Baguette(파리바게뜨 부산광복롯데점)>> 古來思魚糕>> Haedong Yonggung Temple 海東龍宮寺>> Lunch @東萊婆婆蔥煎餅>> Drinks+ dessert @Mango Six>> Seomyeon Underground Street 西面地下街>> Tea @松亭三代豬肉湯飯>> Dinner @Barbecue Camp 

Day 5
Breakfast @Hollys Coffee>> Taejongdae Park 太宗臺>> Tea @Jagalchi Market 扎嘎其海鮮市場>> Gwangbokro Culture and Fashion street 光復時裝街>> Dinner @男子烤腸(남자곱창) 

Day 6
Breakfast @天安牛骨湯(천안곰탕)>> Busan Museum 釜山博物館>> Busan Gimhae International Airport>> Hong Kong

Have been revising the itinerary from time to time to cater a large group from baby to the elderly. Hope everything will go well and keep it under our budget. (HKD6500/ person all inclusive) Finger cross!


  1. Hey, when is your trip to Busan? Guided or free and easy? My wife shared with me that Busan was one of the places she liked in Korea. Saw this temple-Haedong Yonggungsa Temple by the seaside that I love to take photograph of one day. Do you include this in your trip? The website you shared is useful. Time to brush up my Chinese again though :-P

    1. Paulo, I have just finished my trip during Chinese New Year with my family! It was quite a nice place to relax. We travelled around in a slow pace coz we were in a large group with a baby as well. Yea! Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is fantastic but unfortunately we were not able to see the whole area coz the road is not quite baby-friendly. Anyhow, we had so much fun there and no wonder it is one of your wife favourite!

    2. Great! Hope to see your blog covering the trip soon.

    3. Thanks for reading! I will try my best to update more frequently!