Saturday, May 07, 2011

Singapore with my colleagues day 4


Itinerary of today:
Landmark Village Hotel
Universal Studio
Ion Orchard
Raffles Hotel
Hong Kong

A day reserved for Universal Studio. The park just opened for less than a year and still there were some rides not opened yet. Anyway, it only costs SGD66, much cheaper than that in Osaka. Still worth to go. We chose to go on weekday where there would be less tourists.
free coach from our hotel


delightful merry go round

hippo Gloria

The penguins

lion Alex

Far Far Away

The castle


puss in boots

show in Hollywood

that was awesome

New York

another show displaying how to film in Hollywood

this giant pizza was our lunch!

old style cab

Si Fi City

looked exciting but unfortunately it was not ready

Acient Egypt

fantastic roller coaster! rode for 3 times!

The lost world

Ready to go

Took the train to Somerset Station and shopped around Ion Orchard. It was a modern shopping Centre. Especially like its outlook.

finally tried the ice cream biscuit

ice cream really matches the taste and texture of the biscuits (SGD2)

Took the train to City Hall visiting Raffles Hotel and Chijmes.

nice place for drinks and talk

Raffles Hotel, could get it coz opening hour was over

Headed back to Hotel to take our baggage. We were gonna catch a flight early in the morning at 6:00am. Coz we needa check-in 2 hours in advance, we decided to spend our night at the airport instead of booking a hotel. Kinda tired  but we didn't sleep. Rather we talked and ate for the whole night.

Hong Kong!


  1. Welcome to my hometown. Hope you have enjoyed your stay here;-)

    1. That was longggg time ago! I really eanjoyed the time in Singapore. Great food and nice people there!

    2. can always come again. Singapore is ever-changing :-)