Friday, April 13, 2012

Hong Kong 1 day trip - Tai O


Visited Tai O yesterday. Took the MTR to Tung Chung then there will be buses going through all places on Lantau Island. Took bus number 11 at Tung Chung Bus Terminal near Ngong Ping 360. It costs HKD$11.8/person on weekdays and  HKD19.2/person during holiday. It took about 45 minutes to there.

Welcome to Tai O

Some people will ask if you wanna join a boat trip for white dolphins near the bus stop

All kinds of dried products

Museum (free)

learn more about the history of Tai O

You may find lots of interesting art works there.

Spectacular view of Tai O with special houses on the water.

Those were local business by people living there. Shrimp sauce is very tasty together with fried water spinach. Bought a bottle of it home. (HKD35)

making shrimp sauce

a brick of shrimp sauce, buying a bottle of it is much more convenient (HKD$15 for a small one)

Visiting Tai O Heritage hotel is a new thing to do. Initially it was a police station. It was preserved and now you can stay over. Quite interesting though a bit expensive. We didn't book the tour online and didn't manage to have a glace. What a shame.

Food in Tai O reveals Hong Kong culture. There are many local snacks and seafood is famous as it is a village surrounded by sea.
He is so famous with it's 炭燒雞蛋仔 (HKD13)

豆腐花 (HKD12) 糕點 (HKD8)

Dinner at Goodview Seafood Restaurant

Shrimp+ scallops+ Choi Sum+ 2 bowls of rice = HKD250

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