Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hong Kong 1 day trip - Sai Kung


Wanna try a cafe in Sai king for a long time. Was attracted by this little cafe because the decorations made it alive and full of joy. Took a train to Hang Hau MTR Station first then minibus number 11A and got off outside Sai Kung Sportsground. Walked around the pier and there were many people going on a boat trip. There were many stalls with people selling boat tickets to Hong Kong Geopark. Wanna go there but we didn't have enough time.
people selling seafood on boats

view from the pier

Had lunch at Pan Da Cafe. Cozy environment was one of the reasons that I wanna try this cafe. One thing that you would suffer was that there were only two staffs and you gotta wait for a long time taking order, waiting for the food and getting the bill. Don't have so much expectation on food as well. Just enjoy the environment is fine.

this was the best dish in this restaurant (HKD28)

best seats were near the entrance

Watched people flying kites, walking dogs, selling things in Sunday Market. Stayed outside and enjoyed the breeze for an hour.

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